Saturday, December 1, 2007

Road to Yarennoka! NYE! 2007 vol.1 ~ Aoki ~

** Shinya Aoki Interview **

- Did you expect fighting J.Z.Calvan?
I actually had a feeling that I will fight J.Z.Calvan.

- When did you know about your match?
It was the day before the press conference.

- What do you think about him?
He is really strong and one of the top fighters in the world. I have some top level techniques now and I look forward to the fight. He may be able to defeat me but nobody else can.

- Do you have any message to him?
I respect the Hero`s fighter, Gesias Cavalcanti Souza, I hope we do our best and I will win by KO.

- Did you pick the entrance music? Baka Survivor again?
Yes. I`m sure my fans like this song.

- The rule has not been announced yet. Do you have any request?
Nothing. I hope a lot of people come and see my fight live.

- Does this fight mean anything for you?
I would like to show my appreciation to my fans who were waiting for since April. This is very special fight and I am very glad to fight in this event. I think this is one of the fight which Japanese people were waiting for.

- Do you know your fans were longing to see your fight?
Yes, absolutely. Some people talked to me and requested my fight in the event I was not fighting. I really appreciate all supports of my fans.

- Any message to your fans?
I thank all my fans waiting for my fight since last April. I will do my best to have a great fight. I hope everybody come and see my fight on NYE. Thank you for supporting me and wish my luck!


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name said...

THANK YOU! great interview! i hope Aoki wins!

keitha said...

And we need to see some sparkling pants!

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Wow! Great Blog! Thank you very much! Have a great weekend!


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WAR Aoki

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I am glad you all like my blog! Keep looking at it!