Monday, November 26, 2007

Aoki had a private interview with "Gonkaku"

Shinya Aoki had a private interview with a Japanese MMA magazine,
"GONKAKU", which is published on Nov 22.

- You said now your body is ready for fighting in the 70kg weight class in your blog.
My average weight is 75~76kg. I can either choose to fight in 70kg or
77kg weight class. I chose 70KG because it is easy to lose 2~3kg from my average weight and another 3kg right before the weight-in by controlling the intake of water.

- Are you going to fight in 70kg for a while?
I don`t think so. My primary weight class is 70kg. But if I get an offer in 77KG, I will move up to 77kg, and I actually would not mind fighting in any weight classes, even in the free weight if my promoter brings a good offer. I respect the decision my promoter made and believe they also consider me and my career.

- Do you mean you would fight in the free weight when the conditions are ready?
Of course! Mr. Minowa is fighting in Free weight! If our fans want to see me in the free weight, I will fight. I believe it is not happened, but I will fight Vanderlei Silva if my fans request. I fight for me and for my fans, so I would
respect requests from my fans.

- Why do you respect fans more than other fighters do? When did you start to think this way?
It is easy to pursuing only the self-satisfaction. But I think it is more important to have fights fans want to see. Answering to the request from fans increase more MMA fans and have them come to see the event.

- Did you think anything when PRIDE office was closed?
Not really, but I actually felt refreshed when I heard.

- Some fighters said they were upset about the way they closed.
I did not think that way. I was actually amazed to see the end. I did
not hear from PRIDE staff for a while but I trusted them and believed
they will get through what happened to PRIDE and will move on to the
next event.

Continue more next month.
大晦日の格闘技イベント『やれんのか!』会見で「またあの空間に立てる事を本当に、本当に幸せに思います」と決意表明した青木真也。大晦日はビッグマッチになるか? 07年4月8日のPRIDE.34でブライアン・ローアンユーを1R1分33秒アームバーで下した青木。8カ月ぶりの総合の試合への想いとは…


Anonymous said...

hell ya aoki is my fav fighter, i hope he fights melendez on NYE

Scooter Brown said...

If anybody asks him to fight Wanderlei, I will punch that person in the face.

Anonymous said...

awesome, thanks for the interview Suki!

Haulport said...

I think Aoki, Sakurai & Gomi are 1-2-3 at 160 and any one of them can beat the other on any given night. it is great to have these guys back in the mix!

Haulport said...
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