Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gono speaks about his debut fight in the UFC

Gono updated his blog and spoke about his debut fight in the UFC.

I`m satisfied with the result of my debut fight in the UFC. I could win and also get "submission of the night". I think the UFC wanted to judge my level from this fight, because this was the very first fight and my opponent was an anonymous fighter. 

To be honest, I actually felt the UFC underestimated me when I heard about my opponent. I was 3rd in PRIDE welter GP. I think was a good experience to fight anonymous fighter and have a great victory, because I always take my time to adjust to the new environment. I wonder if my next opponent will be a tough guy, though I wouldn't mind having another easy fight to get use to the UFC.

I had an interview with a MMA magazine, " Fight & Life", and had an opportunity to see other fighters in the UFC welterweight division. They were many good and variety of fighters. I`m excited to jump into this weight class because I have many chances to fight great fighters. I`m 33 years old and getting bald, but I`m going to do my best and make some miracle.

At last, I would like to thank a doctor who flew into NJ for Ryo Nagaminami. He actually came by himself. He was a great doctor and supported me a lot for conditioning. I also thank Ryo Nagaminai who asked a doctor to take care of me. 

I think I would talk about other episodes when I get an interview with MMA magazine, Kamipro.


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