Tuesday, December 11, 2007

K-1 relays "Yarennoka!" in Dynamite on NYE

Mr.Tanikawa had an press conference of "Dynamite!" on Dec 11 in Tokyo. He said he decided to relay "Yarennoka!" in Osaka Dome after "Dynamite!". K-1 send more K-1 and Hero`s fighters in NYE event in Saitama and would like to have fans in Osaka enjoy both events.

He also talked about the possibility of the match, Fedor vs Schilt. Schilt would like to have more time to prepare well for a fight against Fedor and would not be ready by NYE. He said he would like to have a K-1 fighter fight Fedor on NYE.


ovenj0ckey said...

Suki, does this mean that Yarrenoka will occur right after Dynamite at the same venue?

kikujiro said...

It means that they will show the Yarennoka event (probably on a big screen or something) in the Dynamite arena after the Dynamite event is over.

Yarennoka is in Saitama and Dynamite is in Osaka.

ovenj0ckey said...


Nam said...

Sweet. Looks like the FEG and former DSE employees are starting to cooperate again.

Not too excited about Fedor fighting Schilt again, but hopefully this opens up other possibilities at least.