Monday, December 3, 2007

Sakuraba updated his blog about his dojo

Kazushi Sakuraba said he started to train in his new dojo.  He showed his gym to the press on Dec 03.  His gym is officially opened to the public next Feb.  He is still working on naming his gym, and deciding the style of the training (MMA or Wrestling).  He said he feels at home and can train anytime without hesitation.   




mashuu.metyu said...

How cool would it be to train with Sakuraba? Anyone know where it's located?

Anonymous said...

Hey Suki,

Get in touch with me if you would like more exposure for your blog.

davidha said...

Saku is awesome.

I'm happy to see he has a career post MMA. Good for him

ovenj0ckey said...

He is still in MMA. Many active fighters also run gyms. Saku is not done yet - you are obviously not a fan.

Suki said...

I got an address of his DOJO for you!
6-3-8 Minamiooi Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
(Gardenia Omori 2nd Floor)

Lomez said...

I hope he decides to train people in mma, not wrestling. "Anyone" can train wrestlers, but nobody fights like Mr. Sakuraba.

mashuu.metyu said...

Thanks for that. Would love to train there someday. Lomez: I think wrestling means puro-resu (pro-wrestling) here.

Anonymous said...


just wanted to say thanks for the good job you're doing with keeping us up to date with what's happening in Japan

I've been twice now and love it! Will probably head back again this year to train as well!


chorb said...

take vengeance against dishonourable akiyama!!!

yumaslim said...

anyone have an email address for saks dojo?