Monday, December 3, 2007

"Yarennoka!" staff blog update

The "Yarennoka!" official website has a blog by staff members. They talk about Fedor when he came to Japan for the "Yarennoka!" press conference.

Fedor stayed only 2 days in Tokyo when he came for the "Yarennoka!" press conference. He went to Saitama Super Arena as soon as he arrived in Tokyo on the day of the conference. He could not sleep in the airplane and looked really sleepy when he get the arena. He was extremely busy taking photos and doing interviews, no time to take a break except eating SUSHI lunch. He usually only has water but ordered a couple of coffees that day. After having all interviews, he took a 30 minute nap and came back with a suit and went to the press conference.  After the conference and a Japanese dinner he went to bed immediately.

Next early morning, he visited the "Yarennoka!" sponsor, the cable TV company. He showed up in their office and immediately people gathered and started to take pictures of him. Some girls were asking him for a hug.  This extremely short stay did not allow him to go to his favorite area, Akihabara, this time. He looked like being ready for the fight on NYE. He will definitely have a great fight as a PRDIE champion!



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crinkle-fry chop sticks?

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