Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ryo Chonan updated his blog about the UFC78

Ryo Chonan was defeated by Karo Parisyan in the UFC 78 on Nov 17.  He updated his blog on Nov 23 and talked about his debut fight.

I`m updating my blog because some people are worried about me if I feel depressed and hesitate to contact me.   I feel fine.  I take a look this fight and I see new subjects for my next fights.  I lost points but did not take any effective punches.  I see I will be fine if I get use to the cage and other circumstances.  

After the fight, I saw Parisyan back stage.  His face was messed up by getting punched from me.  I will analyze more by seeing my fight video and start my training next week.

It was easy to adjust my weight to 77 kg weight class.  I read a MMA magazine said I got a straight punch.  It was a really light punch.  I knew the power of the punch is different with 83 kg weight class fight.  

This was my debut fight and I learned about the atmosphere of the UFC, the cage and other things which I have never experienced.  Next time, I will have a good result.

I would like to thank all my fans, my seconds for supporting me.  I will start training for a next fight. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Suki, maybe start posting links to the original site?

Anonymous said...

"his faced looked messed up from my punches"? please gimme a break chonan, you know you didn't enough to win that fight.

Anonymous said...


Could you please include inofrmation on the K1 max (if you have the time)

Arigato Kawaee

-D ;)

Babalu said...

I think she normally does, look at all the other posts..

1BadCreation said...

Suki could you please translate the DEEP 33rd Impact event located at and post it for us.