Friday, May 9, 2008

Yoshida fights in Sengoku 3

SENGOKU had a press conference on May 8 and announced fighters who fight in Sengoku 3. Fighters had short interviews.

After my last fight, I was adjusting for quite a while. My injury is fully cured now and I will train hard to have an enjoyable fight for my fans. I want to win by having a great performance. I believe what my fans want to see is a fight I am satisfied with myself. I work hard next 1 month.
I lost by tapping in Sengoku 1, however, I want to win badly next time. To fight Josh whose back ground is a catch wrestling, wearing Gi was not more than disadvantage for me. It's nothing but excuses whatever I say now. Wearing Gi is my fighting style as a judo specialist and I don't complain about the decision I made. I believe I can fight better in Gi and continue wearing it. (Yoshida has intensive boxing training now.) My judo techniques won't work without throwing good punches and taking my opponent to the ground. I hope I win by KO because I have never done it before. I want to fight Roger Gracie and aim for a belt. I will fight anybody.

Nick Thompson:
I'm honored to fight in Sengoku. I do my best to be a champion.

Michael Costa:
I dreamed about fighting in Japan for long time because my teammates had fights. I appreciate Sengoku giving me this opportunity. I know Nick Thompson is a strong fighter who has experiences and is the former champion of Bodog. My trainers said he was an ideal opponent for the Chute Boxe fighting style. I want to show an aggressive fight. I'm very excited and cannot wait to fight in Japan.

Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz:
I'm honored to fight in Japan where Martial Arts was started. I train hard to show a fantastic fight in front of Japanese fans. I keep training to be a champion.

Fabio Silva:
I love fighting and I'm very appreciative of this opportunity fighting in Japan again. I want to bring a great fight to SENGOKU staff as well as Japanese fans. I think about nothing but kicking and punching to KO my opponent. I train hard for my next fight.

Rodrigo Damm:
I haven't fought a real strong guy for last several years and would like to fight someone tough. If I can choose one, I'm more interested in not I believe SENGOKU, the former PRIDE, will become the best MMA event not only in Japan but in the world. I have never had such a big opportunity before and I'm very excited. I wanted to fight in Japan again for last 2 years. This will be the happiest moment for me to fight in Japan again, especially in Saitama Super Arena. I fight anybody who SENGOKU arranges. If I can choose one, I am more interested in fighting not Kitaoka and Ludwig but Gomi. We cannot talk about the light weight division without Gomi. I train hard to get an opportunity to fight him. I want a belt of SENGOKU light weight and I believe I'm good enough to be a champion. I want to show a tremendous fight to Japanese fans who respect fighters and understand MMA well as sports. I train with Rodorigo Nogueira, Anderson Silva and LyotoMachida. Please look forward to see my exciting fight.

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