Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ishida & Kawajiri Interview

Tatsuya Kawajiri and Mitsuhiro Ishida who participate in the light weight GP 2R on May 11 had a public training in their gym, T-BLOOD on May 7.

In a press conference on April 4, Ishida was obviously dissatisfied with the fact Uno fought from the 2R. Today Ishida was a nice guy as usual and didn't show his anger like he did on April 4.

I saw Uno's training and remembered what I said in a press conference before. My anger turned into a desire to defeat him through my hard training. I have no hard feeling to him now. I want to have a good fight and win. I think Uno is very good at controlling his fight and follow advices from his seconds, Hirono and Murayama. I have to keep focusing. He is a very strong fighter for sure. I believe in myself and will do my best. We probably try to control and take each other in our pace. Even if our fight turns to a dirty fight and an ugly fight, I do anything I can do to win.

My punch is getting sharp and I think I'm getting ready for my fight. I don't care how I win. I want to knock out my opponent. I think I can do it because I'm in such a good condition. Last time I push myself too hard to have a great fight and had much idle thoughts in my mind. This time I concentrate to my opponent right in front of me. I won't think nothing else. I'm not interested in anything else besides smashing my opponent. I haven't watched any fight video of my opponent. I don't mean I underestimate him but I think I can win if I do everything I have. I believe I'm the strongest among fighters in this tournament.

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