Saturday, May 10, 2008

DREAM & PRO ELITE work together

FEG, which promotes DREAM, and PRO ELITE, which promotes Elite XC had an announcement in Tokyo on May 10, before a press conference of DREAM 3. Sadaharu Tanikawa, William Kelley and T.J. Thompson appeared in this announcement.

We would like to make DREAM well-known event in other countries. To begin with, we want to exchange fighters with a cooperation of PRO ELITE. We discussed and our negotiations went well. We hope our ring attracts people all over the world. As you know, we work well with M-1, too. We would like to keep good connections with both events and step forward to other markets.

FEG had an event, Dynamite!! USA, in Los Angeles last year and thought about starting to advanse to the U.S. market. After that event, our business situation changed by forming an alliance with Yarennoka. We concluded with not expanding our business outside of Japan but focusing on creating another MMA boom in Japan. FEG and PRO ELITE had a meeting and decided to work together to create a solid relationship from now on. As a start of exchanging, Nick Diaz from Elite XC fights in DREAM 3. In the future, we are planning to have DREAM fighters fight in Elite XC and to promote an event in the U.S.. We would like to build a good relationship with PRO ELITE, and expand our business to other countries.

William Kelley:
I'm happy to announce that PRO ELITE will cooperate with DREAM.  We started to work together last year. We will make our relationship stronger in DREAM. Elite XC has been advancing a lot since last year. We couldn't come this far without cooperations of FEG and DERAM. We talked about exchanging fighters and referees. We also discussed to promote events in the US, England and Korea together. As for how DREAM gets into the U.S. market in the future, DREAM will be able to get an opportunity to broadcast their event on TV in the US with our sponsorship. We are excel in promoting events. CBS which broadcasts Elite XC is our partner and we have strong network with SHOWTIME as well. If DREAM makes use of our network based on our support, their event will be broadcast in the US.

TJ Thompson:
DREAM is my dream. My dream is that great fighters fight in rings and each event owner work together outside of rings. I'm very excited as a fan of MMA as well as a representer of live events of PROELITE. I hope I can see a fight by the strongest fighters in Japan and Elite XC like Kimbo Slice, Jake Shields and Robbie Lawler.

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