Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Uno Interview with DREAM

DREAM official website posted an interview with Caol Uno on May 6.

Uno invited reporters to his training in Wajutsukeisyukai. He sparred with Eiji Mitsuoka for 2R, 3min. He showed that he is in a good condition. After training, he had an interview.

I'm in the best condition. I need to concentrate on my health and my weight. I have to show my respect to Ishida and my fans by being in the great condition. (Asked about his injury from his last fight with Andre Dida last Sep.) I took this fight offer, which means I'm ready to fight. Ishida has stamina, is tough and one of a top Japanese fighters. He controlled his fight in the 1R. The secret of his strength is that he carries out his fighting style. I don't know what happens, but I will concentrate and fight as I always do. I think I can win if I could take him in my pace.
(He was asked what he thought about starting from the 2R and the reaction of other fighter) I was offered from DREAM and accepted. I don't mind what others say. I believe other fighters will understand if I have a great fight. I have an impression that DREAM is different with HERO'S by seeing debut and 2ND events. DREAM is a new style of MMA and I cannot wait and see what I can do in this new event. I would like to represent HERO'S since Calvan and other fighters from HERO'S were defeated in the 1R. My birthday is on May 8. I got to train and celebrate after the fight. (Rumina and Mach who were in your age lost in a SHOOTO event) I feel some sort of pressures because I don't want anyone consider fighters in my age are down hill. I do my best to prove myself and show how much I developed myself.


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