Friday, May 9, 2008

DREAM: Pre fight interview 3

Katsuya Inoue:
I'm not nervous but excited. I'm so happy to fight in this event. I was offered only 2 weeks before a fight. I knew this was a big chance for me and decided to take this opportunity. (After becoming a welter weight champion in PANCRASE, he returned his title and moved to a light weight) I can fight both in a welter weight and in a light weight. I see many strong light weight fighters in DREAM, so I want to fight in the light weight after making good records in the welter weight. Nick Diaz is very strong. He has strong punches, good ground techniques, long reaches... Will see if I can cut his tackles and how much I can damage him by striking. I have a wrestling background and don't let him cut my tackles. I stay in standing positions or mount positions. I want to get him by pounding. When I win this fight, I want to fight Mach Sakurai. He is strong and very popular. I want to get a belt because I got a chance. I want to show my fighting style which is striking in the standing position as well as in the ground position. I'll have a hard and exciting fight. I'm sure I win!

Jason Mayhem Miller:
I feel great now. I'll be a champion in DREAM. Why did I choose DREAM? DREAM is an exciting MMA event, at the same time giving us a feeling to go a rock concert. I wanted to fight in PRIDE actually. PRIDE lapsed and now I got another dream, it's fighting in DREAM. Therefore, I feel great now. (Asked about a meaning of a gold necklace) This is a symbol showing how Americans waste their money. I'm particular about finishing by submissions. I feel great when I submit my opponent by locking. Locking techniques comes with intelligence. I train with Dan Henderson and Chonan in Team Quest. The happiest moment in my life is when I'm fighting. I'm happy even if I was attacked and was in a difficult situation. One of my dream in my life is fighting Sakuraba. I want to submit my hero, Sakuraba someday. I learned Japanese from Chonan and I taught English in return. Now I'm learning by myself. When you see my fight, you will find out why I'm called "Mayhem".

Katsuyori Shibata:
I faced many changes since my last fight on October. I had time to face myself, met new people and changed my training environment. I used to train standing and ground techniques separately. Now I pay attention to putting them all together. I heard Miller was crazy fighter. We will have an aggressive fight. I wanted to fight someone like him and have a unique fight. I was impressed to see a fight of Funaki vs Tamura in DREAM2. Both of them were very professional enough to create an impressive fight. By seeing their fight, I thought I wanted to fight in DREAM. My dream is becoming a pro wrestler who brings dreams to fans. I do my best and win.

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