Saturday, May 10, 2008

DREAM 3 press conference on May 10

DREAM had a press conference and all fighters got together and announced the order of fights in DREAM 3. In this conference, William Kelley, CEO of Pro Elite, appeared. Sasahara told press that K-1 and DREAM would work with Pro Elite to promote more exciting fights, exchange referees and have an event in the US.

I picked Uno vs Ishida as a main fight. Uno is a skilled fighter with the MMA career I believe he will produce an amazing fight which is suitable for the main fight. Ishida is his first time fighting in the main. I think he can perform well and have a great fight. I hope they have an exciting fight for fans. As for Diaz vs Inoue, we admitted an exception because we offered in a last minutes. They fight in 77kg . I believe Inoue wanted the welter weight, I understand there are many fighters who have hard time adjusting their weights in a short period. I apologize for not giving enough time allowance for some fighter. We will work on offering fights earlier from now on to allow fighters more time for conditioning and preparing. This won't be happen again. (No information about their weigh-in) All fighters passed. Some fighters couldn't pass in their first time though.

Nick Diaz:
I have not much to say, but I'm glad to fight in Japan again. I fight here tomorrow to represent Elite XC. I haven't watched a fight video of my opponent and don't really know about him. I surfed the internet and couldn't find any information. Please send me his fight video if you have it. I do my work in the best condition. I promise to have an exciting fight. An offer from DREAM didn't get through. I got another offer and accepted. I also represent Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. I won't let Gary Shaw feel ashamed by seeing my performance. I won't make anybody disappointed. To set aside what happened between DREAM and me, I will have a great fight. I'm tough fighter and won't give up easily. I'm ready to fight tomorrow.


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