Saturday, May 3, 2008

Both Mach and Rumina lost in SHOOTO event

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai and Rumina Sato participated in a SHOOTO event, "SHOOTO Densho 1, Road To 20Th Anniversary" on May 3 in Tokyo.

Mach moved to the semi final and fought David Baron who was the middleweight Champion in Europe. He has Judo background and was defeated by Gomi before. Mach chose to fight in the standing position and controlled the fight. In the end of the 1R, Baron's punches landed and the situation was changed. Mach lost his balance and tackled him. Baron caught him and submitted by a front choke. Mach who aims to be a champion of the welterweight in DREAM seemed to be off guard.

Rumina, who is "SHOOTO'S charisma", fought Akitoshi Tamura who is the former lightweight world champion. Rumina barely escaped from Tamura's sleeper choke in the 1R and in the 2R, he turned into the aggressive. He punched and took Tamura down, cut his guard and gave him another powerful pounding. Tamura injured his right eyed badly in this round. The fight moved on to the 3R. Tamura kneed, gave a high kick and took him to the ground. Rumina tapped out when Tamura gave him north-south choke.


Osman said...

I was expecting Sato to lose but not Mach.

Very disappointed now but Baron proved his worth.

patiwat said...

The Sato v. Tamura fight was awesome. Such fighting spirit by Tamura! I was disappointed with Mach in his fight.