Friday, May 23, 2008

Tetsuya Kawajiri Interview

DREAM had an interview with Tatsuya Kawajiri on May 12. DREAM official website posted his interview on May 21.

- Congratulation! You move on to the final round of the tournament. What do you think about your fight?
I attacked with all my heart. I satisfied with my result though I couldn't KO him. I showed all I had.
- What do you think about Buscape?
He was strong as I expected and persisted.
- Did you get any damage?
My hands are sore.
- You move on to the final round.
My goal was fighting in Osaka. I feel like a champion belt is getting close. I have never fought twice a day. I got to be prepare well.
- What kind of theme do you have next?
Same. I believe in myself and put all I have in my fight, then I believe I can win no matter who I fight.
- Who do you want to fight next?
Uno. I cannot choose my opponent though. I want to fight him either in the semi-final or in the final.
- In the closing ceremony, you declared that you wanted to fight Uno.
I was upset at that moment and barely remember what I said. I expressed my feeling because my teammate was defeated, and I remember our last fight in Mar, 2004. That fight which was draw was stuck in my mind for long time.
- What impression did you have when you fought him before in SHOOTO?
I think a suitable word which describes about him is not strong but skillful. In that fight, I felt the difference of the amount of experiences. I want to use my fight experience with Uno when I fight him again.
- You were a second of Ishida.
Uno was strong yesterday. I wasn't sure how good he was and how much he could improve based on his age. Although, he was strong. We complained about the fact he participated in this tournament from the 2R. Seeing the fight result, I have nothing to say. I know pretty well how strong Ishida is.
- Do you respect Uno?
I respect all fighters. I don't have any special feeling to him like I respect Mach.
- What do you respect most about Uno?
His experiences. He has been fighting as a top fighter for last 10 years. That's great. His fighting style is totally opposite to mine. This is another reason I want to defeat him. I definitely want to have a clear result next time.
- Did you talk to Ishida after his fight?
He told me to do my best. I know he wants me to win this tournament.
- You two talked about fighting in the final round.
Yes. We wanted to move on to Osaka. I don't have any feeling to revenge Uno for Ishida. I just want to defeat an opponent in front of me.
- When do you start training?
I will take a break for a week and start after checking the condition of my fist.
- Any message to your fan?
I have a strong will to overcome any hardships. I definitely get a belt!


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