Monday, May 26, 2008

Okami shows up in a talk show with Uno

Yushin Okami hadn't updated his blog for quite a while and finally updated.

** May 20 **
I visited a dentist, Mr.Yamaguchi, who makes my mouthpiece. I haven't had teeth treatment since I was in an elementary school. Finally I made up my mind and came to see him. Through X-ray, he advised me to pull 3 wisdom teeth out. I said NO, but he told me he could do without any pain. He finished within 30 min. and I was impressed to see I have no pain~ Mr. Yamaguchi is marvellous!

** May 25 **
I have a talk show with Uno at Spocafe6 on June 9. We talk about a MMA event, Cage Force. This event focuses on raising fighters who can be in the UFC in their future.

JPY2000 with 1 drink.
Start at 19:00

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Dreamer said...

that picture was disgusting. at first i thought it was 2 small radish's