Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gomi Interview

Sportsnavi had an interview with Takanori Gomi.

- How are you doing since you had fight in SENGOKU debut event 2 months ago?
I was so bored during Golden week. I usually train with my students in my gym. I had been lazy during holidays.
- I heard you went to Hawaii after your last fight.
Yes. I went there to relax. I also spent time with my friends.
- Did you get any damage from your last fight?
No injury. I wanted to relax mentally and take my time until my fighting spirit rose. I'm reducing my mental stress gradually by having not intense but normal trainings and having fun with my friends.
- You went to see a SHOOTO event during holidays.
I thought about an excuse to take a break from my training, then going to see that event is something I came up with. I actually go to see events which stimulate me. I want to fight in a big SHOOTO event if I have a chance.
- Were you excited except your fight?
I was impressed to see Kosei Inoue, a Judo Specialist on TV. He had an era in Japanese Judo and the way he retired was cool.
- Did you feel something similar?
Yes, as a man who lead Japanese Judo for long time. Well, I I continue fighting.
- You become 30 years old this year. What do you think about retiring?
I don't think I retire anytime soon. I'm still powerful enough to be active.
- Do you feel you are getting weak sometimes, like you tend to have a bad hangover after drinking?
Hangover, yeah that's what I thought about. I always have hangover the day after I drink, so everything is same. I don't lose often and I think I can improve myself still.
- What do you think about your last fight?
I could show 80% of what I could do. I wasn't full 100% of myself. I was nervous because I hadn't fought for a year.
- I didn't feel you had a blank though.
I responded very well to his strikes. That was the result of my preparation for that fight. I sparred a lot.
- In general, fighters move slow and take a while to get their intuition back after taking a long break. I didn't feel anything like that from you.
I trained for a year and prepared well for that fight. I trained hard in my gym by letting my self believe that my next fight was coming soon. I had a totally different attitude after confirming my next fight. I could focus more mentally.
- What do you think about SENGOKU?
Top class fighters in every weight classes gather in SENGOKU.
- All lightweight fighters wants to fight you.
It's my pleasure that some fighters have goals to fight with me.
- I think you are a yokozuna and now you are waiting a challenger.
I guess I'm a fighter who have career and attracts other fighters now.
- You are in a fist position to get a belt. Tell me your ideal fight as a top class lightweight fighter.
Well, I win by KO as much as I can. I condition well and have exciting fights. Please come and see my fights!


Dreamer said...

whats golden week?

Suki said...

Golden Week is a Japanese term applied to the period containing the 4 public holidays.