Friday, May 9, 2008

DREAM: Pre fight interview 4

Joachim Hansen:
I arrived in Japan last Saturday, on the day SHOOTO had an event. I came to Japan earlier than usual because I needed time to adjust my body to a time difference and food. I trained in AACC in Japan. Our fight will be very exciting. I do my best to finish him by KO or submission. I researched his style and now I'm capable to confront to his movement. I have a metal head which won't get damages by normal punches. Eddy is a strong fighter. I have to pick my entrance song until this afternoon. I have to focus on picking up. Thanks for supporting me. Your support is a source of my power.

Eddy Alvarez:
I was very honored to hear that Joachim said he wanted to fight me. That proves what I do in my fight is right. (Don't you think you have tough opponents in a row comparing to other fighters? ) Well, I'm very glad conversely. My goal is winning in this tournament. Even though I win, I don't want to hear rumors I could be the champion because my opponents weren't good enough. These match-ups are ideal for me. I know this fight will be very tough and a winner will get the title. I wish I could fight him in the final. I guess fans wanted to see our fight. I'm sure our fight won't be boring yet exciting. I 'm more comfortable fighting in a light weight than in a welter weight. I'm having hard time adjusting my weight, however, I move quicker and enjoy fighting in this weight class. This is suitable weight class for me and I can be a champion. I have never been in such a good condition before. Our fight will be the best bout which remains in our fans mind long time. I always relax when I fight in Japan. I'm appreciative.

Luis Buscape:
My last fight with Miyata motivated me more to win in this tournament. I trained very hard. This is a rematch and revenge. Our previous fight was always on my mind. I'm glad to get a chance to revenge him. I'm so excited because I have double motivations of fighting in this tournament and revenging. I improved my striking techniques and mental condition comparing to the time we fought before. I did enough research and I'm fully ready for this fight. I can handle anything. I can tell I have developed since my last fight. I can picture myself winning in many ways. Kawajiri is a all round fighter, however, I found of his weaknesses in both the stand and the ground. I know how to break down his offense now. I'm in a perfect condition. I hope Kawajiri is ready for our fight too. I'm going to make my dream come true in DREAM.

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