Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sengoku: Yuki Kondo public training

In SENGOKU on May 18, Roger Gracie debuts in a Japanese ring. His opponent, Yuki Kondo, invited press to his training in P's LAB Tokyo.

My condition is excellent. I think I have a good fight and I cannot wait to fight him. I want to fight in the stand position. I'll try to give my knees when he comes into me. His attack is my chance to attack him back. (Kondo learned his style by watching his ADCC and Jiujitsu videos.) I learned a lot from his videos. My nervousness is more than my confidence to win this fight because of our weight difference and his longer reach. He doesn't have much experience in MMA and that's his weak point. I'm afraid of his ground techniques, but I know I have a chance to KO him and am excited to fight him.

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