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DREAM: post fight interviews

DREAM official website posted post fight interviews.

Tsuyoshi Yamazaki:
- What do you think about your fight?
I was terrible. I could win somehow.
- Were you cautious of getting his knee?
I paid attention to his knee and attacks from his right side. I have to handle better.
- This is your first fight in a feather weight class.
I haven't watched my fight video yet and hard to talk about. I'm not satisfied with my fight. I hesitated to use my punches because because my opponent is a champion of PANCRASE. I was too persistent to take him in the ground. Perhaps, I was too nervous to fight in my way in such a big event.
- Who would you like to fight next?
I had such a bad performance and am not in the position to pick my next opponent. I hope I can fight someone strong.

- What do you think about your fight?
I always aim at finishing my fight by KO. I couldn't do what I wanted to do and lost. I'm disappointed.
- Did your injury from your last fight effect?
I don't want to say anything about that.
- How did you like to fight in DREAM?
I was so excited to fight in an event which I had been longing for long time, when I saw thousands of audience on the way going to the ring. I wish I could have a good result in this DREAM ring.

Jason Mayhem Miller:
- What do you think about your fight?
Shibata had a samurai spirit and I had fun fighting him. He was hurt but never gave up.
- Did your fight go as you planned?
No. I wish we could be aggressive from the beginning of the fight. Japan is my another home country and I believe we had a good fight.
- Are you thinking about your next fight?
I want to fight in Japan mainly then I will take over all other MMA events in the world. I opened an account with MIXI (Japanese version SNS)
- Talk about your fight money.
I spent it all.
- Who do you want to fight next?
I will fight anybody. My dream is to fight Sakuraba. He is my hero since I started MMA. I defeat him like I beat my dad.
- Do you have any fights you want to be?
I respect Sakuraba and Genki Sudo. Young generation fighters like me will beat fighters from a old generation and prove our time has come. My goal is to be a champion of DREAM.

Katsuyori Shibata:
- Why did you lose?
My opponent was lot better than me. He was strong. I cannot give up now like this. I won't give up to be a pro wrestler who brings exciting fights to fans.

Melvin Manhoef:
- What do you think about your fight?
I couldn't be aggressive because I was afraid of making my wound worse. I just had an operation and still have a tube in my lung. I fought 7 days ago and was hospitalized, so I wasn't in the best condition. My trainer told me to catch my dream and he encouraged me. I'm very happy to win on my birthday.
- Operation?
I had an operation in Netherlands. In fact, I didn't tell DREAM about this. I want to prepare and be fully ready for DREAM 4.

Dae Won Kim:
- Why did you lose?
I was too excited and high. My inexperience is another reason of my loss. I should be able to control my fight wisely.
- I suppose you had his knee to your back of head.
I don't remember clearly. I passed out, was down with a huge damage... i don't remember anything else.

Daisuke Nakamura:
- Did your fight go as you planned?
Yes. My opponent was a Judo gold medalist and I was going finish him by right straight punch. My fight went as I planned.
- Did you get any advices from Tamura?
He advised me to relax. His existence itself was very supportive for me. I'm proud of myself as a member of U-FILE. I and my teammates will keep fighting in the world by encouraging each other.

Bukyung Jung:
- Why did you lose?
I heard Nakamura was good on the ground and my game plan was to fight in the stand position. Although, his punches were better than mine. That's the reason why I lost.
- Did you learn anything from today?
Whenever I'm in a bad situation, I depend on Judo techniques too much. MMA fighters should be all round fighters. I have to improve my standing techniques.

Nick Diaz:
- You signed up with DREAM in a last minute. Did it affect you?
Yes, I think. I trained sparring a lot and I had any problem in this fight. People talked about a weight. I always adjust to the weight our sponsor decided. I was going to run and lose my weight. I take several weeks for dieting usually. I wanted to fight here because many complete fighters fight in DREAM.
- We suppose your next opponent is Mach Sakurai. Do you have anyone else you want to fight?
I respect Mach. I often defeat fighters who I don't respect. He is older than me and I don't want to fight any young fighter if I'm in his position. So, I want to fight Mach. If I chose someone except Mach, I will chose Aoki or Kawajiri.
- Tell me about your tonight's fight.
Inoue is a great fighter who had good punches. His guard was better than I expected and couldn't submit him. I was going to keep punching because I don't have good stamina. I was very scared if I get an yellow card or not when I kicked his face. If a yellow card gives me hard time in the fight as well as in my money situation. I want to say something at the end. I want to fight Aoki, who is the best fighter. I believe I defeat Mach. I want to keep wining to represent Cesar Gracie Jiujistsu.

Tatsuya Kawajiri:
- After fight, you announced that you wanted to fight Uno.
I was too excited and bothered Uno and his second. I said that because I wanted to fight as a fighter.
- How was your fight?
I'm satisfied with my fight and result.
- Why did you express that you wanted to fight Uno?
I had mixed feelings. I actually regret what I said.
- Ishida lost tonight.
We were talking to fight each other in Osaka. I'm very disappointed.

Eddie Alvarez
- You had a tremendous fight.
I agree. I always have a high motivation to have a good fight for audience even if I win or lose. Hansen is a great fighter as well and I knew we had an exciting fight.
- Who do you want to fight next?
Anybody. I will prepare for fighting anybody.
- Who is a woman right next you?
Jamie, who I get married to shortly. I'm glad to win because it's mother's day today.
- What do you think about your offense in the standing position?
I can throw hard punches, however, I'm not technical yet. I took a down from a fighter who had never been down before, so I supposed that I could KO Hansen. Hansen was strong because he came back after getting punches which I believed I could beat him.
- You and Hansen hold each other after the fight.
Yes. We naturally did that because we respected each other by having such a great fight.
- When do you get married?
We have 2 kids and get married on Sep 13. I hope I have a belt at the time.

Joachim Hansen:
- You had a tremendous fight.
I'm glad that I could have a great fight and our fans were excited. I'm very disappointed about the fact I couldn't move on to the next step.
- What do you do next?
Now I'm so tired. I take a break and want to fight again.
- What do you think about Alvarez?
He was very strong. He was a hard puncher and tough. We held each other because I wanted to show my respect to him.
- Which fighter do you think is stronger, Aoki or Alvarez?
They have very different style. If Aoki fights in his pace, he will win. If Eddy can keep a stand position, he will win.

Mitsuhiro Ishida:
- What do you think about your fight?
I regret. It's nothing but excuses even if I say something now. The result tells all. Uno was a strong fighter. I want to challenge him again when I train hard and be stronger.

Caol Uno:
- You had a good fight.
I enjoyed a lot.
- You didn't get emotional?
No. That's never happened to me.
- What do you think about Ishida?
He is a good fighter with a power.
- What do you think about what Kawajiri said?
I understand that he wasn't happy seeing me win. I couldn't think anything right after my fight. I shouldn't say anything before Aoki and Nagata fight.
- What do you think about Kawajiri?
He defeated Buscape today. He is strong physically and tough. I was impressed to see him win against a foreign fighter in his style.

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