Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Roger Gracie appears in GRABAKA gym

Sanae Kikuta updated his blog.

Roger Gracie came to GRABAKA gym in Higashi Nakano, Tokyo. He came here to warm up for his fight. He is HUGE! I have heard he could fight in the 93kg weight class. He is a lot bigger than I expected. So many people study ground techniques nowadays. It's very impressive for me to see a member of the Gracie family get a title of ADCC champion. I cannot wait to see his fight and a real Gracie jiujitsu. I'm very happy about the fact he feels comfortable being with me as the same Abu Dabi champion. I think getting the title of ADCC is very honorable for the Gracies. I think Renzo gained weight. He said OK when I asked him to fight me sometimes in this year. At the same time, he warned me to watch out for his guillotine. He said same thing 10 years ago. He is the most easy going guy in other family members. I heard his gym in NY has 950 students now. Tremendous! I wonder how many assistants Gracie bring for one fight. I see at least 10 assistants here today. That's very impressive.

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