Friday, May 9, 2008

DREAM: Pre fight interview 2

Tsuyoshi Yamazaki:
Finally I found out my opponent and now I'm getting motivated. This is the first time I know who I fight with in such a last minute. People will consider our fight as DEEP vs PANCRASE or a first feather weight fight in DREAM. Maybe many people wonder who Yamazaki is. I just want to fight in my style and win. I belong to GRABAKA and I'm a fight one who fights in DREAM from GRABAKA. I want to win and bring a good atmosphere to my team. I have an aggressive fight. No matter how my fight goes, I try to win by KO or submission. I have confidence about myself and will have a good fight.

Dae Won Kim:
I'm glad to participate in this big event. I want to have an exciting fight. My fighting style is based on Judo techniques. To be a all-round fighter, I train striking techniques now. My opponent, Manhoef, looks scared. He must be a top striker and a powerful guy. I challenge him without faltering. I suppose I cannot win in the standing position. I will take him into the ground and submit. Our fight will be interesting. I sparred with Dong Sik Yoon who I consider the strongest fighter in my team and he defeated Manhoef before. I also got some advice from him. I'll win this fight and move on to the tournament.

Melvin Manhoef:
(He was asked if he had any damage from his previous fight. He fought on Apr 26) My last fight with Remy Bonjasky was tough. I wanted to participate in this tournament to fight in DREAM constantly from now on, and I accepted this fight offer without hesitating. My condition is fine. I will do my best. I keep fighting both in K-1 and MMA. I'm the only fighter who can do both. My opponent is a good fighter. I saw his fight with Marcelo Garcia and that was good fight. That's only one I saw and don't know much about him including his record. I have no game plan this time and just aim KO. I understand a risk of focusing on doing KOs. I may be taken down and be submitted. However, I want to show my KO to Japanese fans. The more my fans scream, the more I throw punches. Thank you for your support.

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