Saturday, May 17, 2008

SENGOKU: Pre fight conference.

SENGOKU which is sponsored by WVR holds its 2nd event on May 18. SENGOKU had a press conference on May 17 and all participating fighters showed up after the private weigh-in.

Josh Barnett: I'm glad to fight in the main event. I'm also happy to fight Monson because I know him very well. I may not take an offer if my opponent was a big and scary fighter who has tattoos all over his body. We are friends and I know he is very pretty teddy bear which has a smooth touch . I want to give him a big hug after the fight.
Jeff Monson:
I'm having a good training for tomorrow. I love fighting in Japan. I feel Japanese MMA fans learn a lot about MMA and watch fights. I hope I have a good  fight for the fans tomorrow.
Yuki Kondo: I'm very excited. I do my best.
Roger Gracie: I have been dreaming about fighting in Japan for long time. Tomorrow, finally my dream come true. I will show a wonderful fight. Enjoy watching my fight. Kondo is a good fighter who has a lot of experiences in MMA. I trained for this fight and will do my best.
Ryo Kawamura: Tomorrow, our fight is a monster, which ran after a game vs a game, which is chased by a monster.
Kevin Randleman: I'm home! I'm back!
Nakao "Kiss" Yoshihiro: I'm very excited. All I think about my fight tomorrow is to KO him.
Big Jim York: I will have a great fight.
Yuki Sasaki: I will have a tough fight for sure and do my best.
Jorge Santiago: This is my first fight in Japan. I promise to have an exciting fight for everyone.
Eiji Mitsuoka: I fight tomorrow finally. I think I will have a good start tomorrow and have a great fight.
Kwang Hee Lee: I want to have a nice fight.
Mike Pyle: I want to pull my 110% out in the ring. I do my best finishing him after exchanging my style and his.
Dan Hornbuckle: Tomorrow, I do my best by putting my soul and everything and Japan will be a home base of my MMA carreer.
Satoru Kitaoka: I fight hard and put all my effort. As a SENGOKU fighter as well as a PANCRASE fighter, I show an exciting fight.
Ian Schaffa I'm sure I have a wonderful fight.


The Psycho said...

Good showing for Roger Gracie over the Pancrase veteran.

bowedupjp said...

thanks for your awesome posts, suki.