Saturday, May 10, 2008

DREAM: Pre fight interview 5

Tatsuya Kawajiri:
I have no worries about fighting him again. I just do what I should do to and it doesn't matter who I fight with. I became more mature while I had no place to fight last year. I focus on having a great fight and nothing else. In my last fight, I felt some sort of responsibilities about a rate of DREAM broadcasting and an event itself. I had never felt that way before. I guess I was nervous since PRIDE lapsed. Not anymore. I do what I want to do regardless what this event faces. Fighting is my job and other stuff will be taken care of by DREAM staff. I won't let my fans be bored like I did last time. My theme is proving myself. I do my best.

Mitsuhiro Ishida:
I trained properly and now it's time to face my opponent. Uno has a superior career in MMA and is a great fighter. I had never imagined I had an opportunity to fight him when I debut. Actually our fight was talked about about 2 years ago when I was a SHOOTO pacific champion. He didn't take an offer and it didn't happen. Since then, I was thinking about taking him and finally I could get a chance. I can hardly compete with him in the length of MMA career. I believe I have more various experiences than him in last 2 years. It's hard to point out what I'm better than him, but I'm sure my fighting spirit is unbeatable and don't let him move on to the next round. My fight with Melendez means a lot for me. If I lose that fight, I must have approached Uno from me, shook his hands and thanked him to accept this fight offer. I won that fight and built up my confidence, therefore I could said what I had in my mind. (in an interview in April) I don't know about an order of fights in DREAM3 yet. I have never fought in a main event. If I my fight in the main event, I put more pressure on myself and fight aggressively from the 1R to provide an exciting fight. I believe Uno will do the same thing. It's too soon to talk about a final. It would be nice if I fight Kawajiri in the final. Thank you for supporting me!

Caol Uno:
I'm excited to fight in different rules. I'm curious about how I'm introduced in an aoriV (Aori VTR: a short video which introduces a fighter right before his entrance) I always pay attentions to all fighters in my division. I have an impression that Ishida is developing as an MMA fighter quickly. I don't know what happens and how our fight goes before fighting because our conditions have influence on our fight in MMA. I cannot wait to see how I control and keep my fighting pace. I feel pressure slightly fighting after a long break. I know I'm fine because I have experienced. I reviewed my style after my last fight and worked on what I was lacking. I will see if I can show my improvement. I don't change my fighting style and fight like Uno. If our fight is the main fight, I have a responsibility to make fans satisfied like Funaki before. I feel weird fighting in the same event with Funaki and Sakuraba. We will have a great fight and I will show my fight.

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