Friday, May 9, 2008

DREAM: Pre fight interview 1

DREAM posted interviews of fighters who fight in DREAM 3.

Bukyung Jung:

I'm not nervous yet. I trained hard for this fight, although, I wish I have more time. Do I look like relaxed? Probably, I'm getting used to be in an MMA atmosphere. I haven't been able to use all my techniques in my last fights. I'm working on striking and I will show more judo skills in my next fight. Both Aoki and Ishida were good at controlling fights and I learned a lot from fights with them, especially the Ishida fight. I saw fight videos of my opponent and I think I will have a good result this time. I haven't decided how to correspond to my opponent yet. I would like to take him down and fight on the ground to use my judo techniques. I still have pride as a Judo specialist and I made a trunks with Gi fabric even! I will have an interesting fight by taking an advantage of Judo techniques.

Daisuke Nakamura:
All fights must be a high level. I try to show everything I have. I move a lot in my fight and this is my fighting style. My opponent had only 2 fights in MMA and it's hard to determine his style. I remember he tried arm bars in both fights. He is an aggressive fighter, therefore we will have lots of action. I also like giving an arm bar and will try giving it to him. (Asked how he feels about fighting in DREAM first time) I don't mind if I become famous or not. All I care about is to be strong. I put whole energy in my every fight to win, regardless a size of events. I think the most important thing is that I enjoy my fight. I like to enjoy my life. I was a second of Tamura and learned a lot from him. I want to be like him. I will do my best and thanks for supporting me.

I have been dreamed about fighting in a big event like this. This fight is just a start of my MMA career. I was offered in a last minute. I have no problem accepting it because I trained to be ready to fight anytime. I actually didn't understand why I wasn't offered because Umakhanov who I defeated last January fought in this event. I thought I could do better than him when I saw his fight. My opponent, Yamazaki, is good at submitting and definitely prefer fighting on the ground. I'm a striker and avoid being taken down. I have confidence to win by KO. I have good stamina and will control this fight. I train with Hideo Tokoro and he will be my second. I want to show a tremendous KO which people who never see MMA are even attracted.

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