Friday, May 30, 2008

Yoshida develops his striking techniques.

Yoshida invited press and had a training at J-ROCK workout studio on May 30. He appeared wearing Gi and showed his punching training with his boxing trainer, Tashiro.

I found only 1 fight DVD of my opponent. I take more time training than analyzing my opponent. I pay attention to all my moves not to get injured. My game plan is to do all I can do without thinking about his fighting style too much. I have confidence about my stamina this time and will be aggressive from the beginning. I have done following trainings everyday, punching to mitts 5 min.・3R and consecutive punching 2R. Since I started to work with Tashiro from the beginning of May, I see I'm improving. I haven't checked my weight yet. I don't drink any alcohol and will adjust my weight to 104-105kg. In my free time, I watch Alias. My first foreign TV drama was 24. I have nothing else to do except watching TV at home before my fight.

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Stephen said...

24 is a good show but Lost is where it's at Yoshida.