Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gono is impressed by Kimiko Date-Krumm

Gono is watching a tennis tournament in Japan. He talked about a Japanese tennis player, Kimiko Date-Kumm, who used to rank 4Th in the world tennis ranking and retired 11 years ago. She recently came back to the court as a professional and is participating in the tournament.

She won today again! She is tremendous! I'm not saying she is wonderful because she won again. She will be fantastic even if she lost today. I wonder why I feel like this. Can I make someone feel like Kimiko made me? I guess she restarted her career from such a small tournament without overestimating her ability. Probably the tennis association doesn't let anyone who retired long time ago come back to the major tournament based on her past record.

Many fighters who had remarkable careers exaggerate themselves by deceiving their abilities and choosing their opponents when they get old. They try to keep their name value and stay powerful though they are not good enough to be as professionals. I have never seen anybody who sacrifice themselves for a young fighter. I'm impressed from seeing Kumiko and by comparing Tennis and MMA.

I wonder why MMA let fighters who should retire stay fighting. I love baseball and baseball players are have their position taken by young players whenever they got old and are not good enough. They cannot hide their true abilities.

It's impossible for MMA to be a major sports if we continue to treat old fighters like top level fighters. No matter how good he was in the past, he has to keep fighting someone really tough and top level if he wants to stay in the top level. If he could survive, he gets honor. I hope Japanese MMA will be like that some day. I hope Japanese MMA will be called not an event but a sport someday.

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