Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DREAM: Light Weight Finalists talk

DREAM had a press conference in Hotel East 21, Tokyo on May 12. In this conference was Sasahara Event producer, Caol Uno, Tatsuya Kawajiri, Eddie Alvarez and Jason Mayhem Miller.

We had a wonderful event. I was relieved when I heard someone said they enjoyed this event. I told before that I would like to build new values of MMA. Now I think new values will be created by fighting spirit in each fighter.
Jason Mayhem Miller:
I had fun fighting wonderful fighters together yesterday. My current goal is to be a champion. I'm glad to be in a part of this event. I could see a brilliant future of DREAM. I'm appreciative that DREAM offered a fight to me, such a strange fighter. There are many great fighters in this tournament. Especially, Sakuraba is my hero. I'm excited because I maybe able to fight the guy in my dream! He have never tapped out before. I want to defeat by tapping. I'm very honored to be participating in the same tournament with him. If he loses in this tournament by any chance, I should be the one who defeats him.
Tatsuya Kawajiri:
I apologize to Uno and his supporters for being a trouble maker yesterday. I work hard to win this tournament and I want my dream come true. Personally I want to fight Uno. I understand I cannot pick my opponent. I want to fight him either in the semi-final or in the final. I think Eddie is aggressive and Uno is extremely technical.
Eddie Alvarez:
I'm very happy to fight in DREAM again. I can tell DREAM has been developed since DREAM 1. DREAM staff said they wanted to make this event the best in this world. I want to be a fighter who is suitable for the best event. As a fighter who fights from DREAM 1, I want to keep participating until this event is over. I'm an only American fighter among Japanese super stars. I may have tomatoes thrown at me in the final. I see an importance of beating my opponent when I'm away from home. I need to train hard for my next fight. Kawajiri is powerful. Uno was perfect yesterday.
Caol Uno:
I think I had a suitable fight as a main event. I had fun fighting in DREAM. I will prepare well and do my best in my next fight. I suppose my next fight will be a tough again. I think Kawajiri is strong physically. Eddie is a new style fighter who is good in the stand and on the ground.

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UNIT-1978 said...

These are going to be great semi-final and final matches. Its going to be tough choosing a winner.