Friday, September 19, 2008

Yoshihiro Akiyama interview

DREAM official website posted an interview of Yoshihiro Akiyama. This interview was taken place on Sep 12.
- Your opponent in DREAM.6. is Tonooka. Tell me how you feel know.
I have been spending time inefficiently for a while. Now I'm sure I concentrate to my training.
- I suppose you were busy since you worked as a commentator of Beijing Olympic in Korea. How's your condition?
I didn't have much time to train last months; although, I train hard this month and my condition is getting better.
- I heard you reconfirm your passion to Judo again after watching the Olympic.
I like Judo and I haven't forgotten Judo. I think it's my responsibility to make Judo popular. I want to make a Judo team with other fighters who have a Judo background, and I want to create a big Judo association.
- I heard you were going to open your own dojo?
Yes. I hope I can open next year in Osaka where I was born, or in Korea.
- I would like to ask you about DREAM.5. How did you like the event?
DREAM had a different atmosphere with HERO'S. Something was different including the audience.
- What do you think about your opponent?
He is a good striker. His striking skill is definitely better than me.
- Did you train with him?
When I started MMA, I trained in Seido Kaikan for 6 months. It was 3 to 4 years ago. We trained together at that time.
- He said he didn't get along with you. Any opinion?
I don't know why he feels that way.
- Any message to your fans?
I want to win clearly. I'm training my striking skills, and so I hope I can show the improvement in this fight. Although, I'm going to apply all techniques I have including submissions. I hope our fight is exciting enough to encourage many people. This event has many good fights. I believe fans can enjoy watching amazing performances.

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