Friday, September 26, 2008

Gono updated his blog

** Sep 25 **
I was invited to DREAM and went to Saitama after training. When I arrived, Mach was talking on the ring.
Next day, I trained with Miraman at a gym. A receptionist there was so beautiful. She was in shape, well dressed, and very friendly. I suppose she is married.. I wish I can get married with someone like her.

** Sep 26 **
I'm busy every day to prepare for my fight. I had a super hard training this week. The UFC is requesting me something. I'm exhausted by daily hard training and I actually have not time to do this, but I'm sure I have to take care of. It seems to me that what they ask is just weird. I will tell what I'm requested to do later. I have no energy to update my blog. I have interviews with MMA magazines and please check them out.


Stephen said...

lol@Gono's pic. Looks like he relieved himself of a big crap.

The Prophet said...

Does Gono own any clothes?