Sunday, September 28, 2008

SENGOKU.5: Post Fight Interviews

SENGOKU official website posted fighter's interviews.
Jorge Masvidal:
In my last fight, I was very disappointed about the fact the referee stopped our fight too soon. I'm very happy to defeat my opponent by TKO today. I want to thank my teammates for supporting me. I want to fight Gomi and Rodrigo Damm in SENGOKU and beat them up badly. I'm very excited to come back to Japan in Nov.
Ryan Schultz:
It was a very tough fight. Masvidal was good. I know why I lost. It' was all about my motivation. I don't have much passion to fight lately. I need to find a strong motivation to fight. I would definitely like to come back to SENGOKU and I hope Japanese fans support me. I have been a champion before and I know what I have to do to be a champion. I go home, get a fighting spirit back and come back.

Kiuma Kunioku:
My stamina didn't last whole 3 rounds. I need to find a way to make myself feel comfortable fighting in this weight class. My opponent was a good striker. I got a couple of punches in the beginning of 1R, but I knew I could take him down and defeat him on the ground.
A Sol Kwon:
I enjoyed fighting in such a huge place and in front of such a big audience. He looked fierce in a picture, but I had an impression that he was kind when I saw him in person.

Siyar Bahadurzada:
I don't remember what exactly happened. It was such a short fight and I couldn't do anything. I had. I supposed we would have a very exciting battle. I very much regret how this fight ended. I'm getting used to fighting in a big event. I'm sure it's hard to fight twice a day in Nov.

Jorge Santiago:
Logan was a smart fighter. I waited longer and saw his fighting plan in the beginning. In the 2R, I push him to a rope and he was getting tired. I'm satisfied with the way I won. I would like to fight a Japanese fighter next.
Logan Clark:
I did OK in 1R. I was slower than usual today. He was good at keeping a favorable distance for him. My opponent was in the better condition than me today.

Kazuhiro Nakamura:
I took him down in 1R and 3R. My opponent was good at defending himself. In 3R, I was tired, but he had great endurance. After experiencing to fight in the U.S., I realized that my fans supported me a lot mentally today. It was a great experience for me to fight someone who is a great striker. I gained a confidence fighting in the a position today.
Paul Chahoon:
I was surprised to see Nakamura's striking skills because he was stronger and better than I expected. I prepared a lot for his judo techniques; therefore, I was confused to see his fight plan was fighting in the standing position.

Yuki Sasaki:
I'm glad to defeat Kondo, who I have respected since I debut in PANCRASE. I'm very appreciative that my teammates are very supportive. We all fight to live and work hard to win. I'm sure my victory encourage other teammates.

King Mo:
Girls around me are queens in my kingdom. They helped me a lot to win this fight. I fight anybody. If someone tries to destroy my kingdom, I will punish him.
Travis Wiuff:
I though a referee should have waited longer before he stopped our fight. I have lost in my MMA career. It's not fun being defeated, but I have to accept this loss and review my performance for the future. A great fighter even loses once in a while. My opponent is a very experienced fighter. He is a great fighter who worked hard to improve striking skills.

Xande Ribeiro:
I enjoyed fighting in SENGOKU. It was a great experience fighting someone who had a different background with me. Before the fight, I was too excited; however, I was calm and didn't make any big mistakes. I'm glad to win today. I regret that I was impatient when I took a mount position. I couldn't take him down on the ground in 2R and 3R because I was too tired. It was my first MMA fighter and I didn't know how exactly attack him from the mount position.
Takashi Sugiura:
A doctor sewed up the cut with 2 stitches inside and 8 stitches outside. An eye didn't get any damage. I thought my opponent was tired in the 1R. I was going to manage to bear his attacks in 1R and 2R and be aggressive in 3R. However, I couldn't step forward and got his punches in 3R. I couldn't move as I planned. I enjoyed fighting in MMA; although, I'm not going to fight here again. I'm comfortable being a pro wrestler.

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