Thursday, September 11, 2008

DREAM announced additional fights in DREAM.6.

DREAM had a press conference on Sep. 11 and announced 3 additional fights; Ktaro Nakamura vs Adriano Martins, Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka and Minowaman vs Masakatsu Funaki. 5 fighters such as Ktaro, Adriano, Hironaka, Funaki and Minowaman attended to this conference.

Ktaro Nakamura announced that he retired from MMA in the beginning of this year because of eye injuries. He could recover faster than he thought and decided to participate in DREAM. He moved down from the welter weight to the light weight class.
I would like to fight Aoki, who is considered as one of the best lightweight fighter in Japan, when I win this fight.

Adriano Martins is a Jujitsu instructor in KRAZY BEE, which is owned by Kid Yamamoto.

DREAM is the best MMA event. I would like to prove myself in DREAM keep fighting in this event.

I have been dreaming about fighting Mach since I started MMA. He is the man of my dream and I respect him. I suppose everyone thinks this is an easy fight for Mach. This is my chance to shine in my MMA career. I would like to dominate him both on the ground and in the standing, and show everybody that I'm the best welterweight fighter in Japan. I'm sure I can defeat him.

Funaki and Minowaman belonged to the same gym before and had the relationship between teacher and student.
I longed to get an offer since I fought in DREAM.4. I have been training in Team Dragon for 4 months. I had the same training menu with teammates and got injured. I recovered and trains with Shibata. I train at Team Dragon because I wanted a hard training with professional kick boxers. I was amazed to see his improvement after leaving PANCRASE. I have kept my eye on him for long time. I'm very impressed to see how much he developed. He always has short term goals and shares with his fans. I like the way he connects with his fans, and I also respect his fighting spirit. This is my third fight since I came back to the ring. I do my best and see if I can continue fighting or not. He is the best opponent to measure my level. I have techniques I want to use; however, I'll condition well and be flexible to adjust myself in any situation.

When I joined PANCRASE, I respected him and wanted to be like him. We shared lots of memories, such as trained together, helped each other's fights, cooked together. I believe he could do better in his last 2 fights. He hasn't showed everything he had yet. I'm sure he doesn't want to be defeated by me and bring everything he has in our fight.

- Did you offer Akiyama a fight in DREAM.6?
Yes. We picked 3 fighters for Akiyama and we are waiting to hear from him now. I actually planning to announce his fight today. I will announce whenever I hear from him.
- Does Akiyama fight in DREAM.6 and a NYE event?
We haven't decided yet, but we are planning to have one more fight in Nov. He may fight in Nov as well. He is a big star in DREAM and want him to fight as much as he can.
- Did you hear anything from Kid?
He is recovering. I heard he maybe ready to fight in NYE. I hope he can debut in a NYE event, which is the biggest event of the year.
- DREAM.6. has 10 fights so far.
We are going to have 1 or 2 more fights.

** Ktaro Nakamura updated his blog about his next fight.**
I saw Adriano Martins's blog. I suppose he is a good grappler. He is also Jujitsu Black Belt.
I was very nervous at a press conference and couldn't say anything.

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