Monday, September 15, 2008

Tatsuya Kawajiri starts his project

Tatsuya Kawajiri starts "The CRUSHER Project." The purpose of this project is to make MMA more popular in Japan and improve the image of MMA. He is going to have events continually and every event will have a theme. The target of his first event on Oct 13 is women. He would like to have women come to see fights.

Tatsuya Kawajiri:
I start an event to contribute to the promotion of MMA. The first event is at Edogawa Sports Kaikan(Tokyo) on Oct 13. I'm going to hold events continually. When I compare MMA with other sports, MMA are not well-known and it seems like struggling. I would like to make MMA well known and attract more people. I suppose MMA are still considered to be nothing but violent for many people; therefore, I would like to improve the image of MMA through this project. In the event, I will show basic techniques, how to enjoy fights, self-defense techniques etc. I will answer questions from the audience.


Stephen said...

Thank you Suki. :)

unit-1978 said...

This is an awesome idea. Almost like a tournament/demonstration exhibition event. Kawajiri is the man.