Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DREAM.6: Post Fight Interviews (1)

DREAM official website posted post fight interviews.
Sik Dong Yoon:
With some personal reason, I didn't have enough time to prepare for this fight so that I wasn't in a good shape. I couldn't show my ability. I felt Nakahara had a potential to be a top fighter. I decided to wear gi today, but it wasn't good idea. It was the worst fight I have ever had as a fighter. I'm confused right now and I want to leave here as soon as I can.
Andrews Nakahara:
I'm very happy to win. I want to thank Francisco Filho to support me. I spent most of my time improving my ground techniques. I'll work on striking techniques next. I could show what I learned in past 5 months. I need to develop submission and KO skills.
Melvin Manhoef:
I cannot believe that I lost because I was in the best condition. Our fight didn't develop as I planned. I disappointed about myself. I don't know what happened. I'm sorry for my teammates for being defeated today.

Zelg Benkei Galesic:
I had a confidence to win today; however, my punches didn't land effectively. It was very impressive to see his submission skills.
Andriano Martins:
I think we had a good fight, yet I'm not satisfied with the result. I hope I can get another chance to fight in DREAM. My strength is to knock down my opponent. Our fight developed as I planned and I cannot believe the result. Nakamura was a strong fighter and I would like to fight him again.
Ktaro Nakamura:
I know many people including me were disappointed to see my performance. (You said you wanted to fight Aoki next.) I'm not in a position to ask Aoki to fight now. I need to win clearly before requesting who I want to fight next. I tried to take him down, but I couldn't. I was booed. I didn't expected to get his elbows that much.....

Jimmy Ambriz:
He was very good at avoiding getting my punches. I was offered at the last minutes and it was hard for me to condition; although, I'm glad to be a part of this event.
Sergey Kharitonov:
I'm satisfied with the result. I fight anybody to be a champion.
Hideo Tokoro:
I deeply regret that I couldn't win. (You said you wanted to fight KID) No comment. I was going to control the fight by throwing jabs. Yamamoto was a very strong fighter. (You talked to KID after the fight. ) I was told.... I cannot tell anybody what Kid told me.

Atsushi Yamamoto:
I feel good now. (Did KID tell you anything after the fight?) He told me that I should have finish ed him off by giving him a decisive blow. If I can, I want to fight Imanari in NYE.
** Right after the fight, Yamamoto said "I didn't show everything I had today, and so I will fight Tokoro again and defeat him badly by pulling everything next time. (He was booed by Tokoro's fans.) Kid took his microphone and said "Don't say boo to Yamamoto. What you saw today is Tokoro's real ability." http://sports.yahoo.co.jp/news/20080924-00000002-gbr-fight.html
Masakatsu Funaki:
I relieved now. I couldn't lose this fight since I lost last 2 fights in DREAM. I feel like I finally came back. I would be happy to fight in NYE if I can. I thank Minowa and I want to train with him again.

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