Monday, September 22, 2008

Aoki updated his cloumn

Shinya Aoki updated his column in

I answer questions from "Kakutougi Otaku Baton" today.
- Who is your favorite fighter?
B.J.Penn. He is absolutely the most technical and the strongest. I also like the fact his background is BJJ.
Ryo Chonan. He became stronger after defeating Mach. I saw his fight before I started MMA and I wondered if I could be like him someday. He encouraged me.
Masakazu Imanari. He was a teacher of my MMA career. I remembered we sparred for an hour at night. He is a very strong fighter, too.
Kazushi Sakuraba. I was his big fun for a long time. I suppose Sakuraba vs Royce was the most impressive fight I have ever seen.
- Tell me about your favorite bout.
Ryo Chonan vs Mach Sakurai. Chonan dominated Mach with his fighting spirit.
- Tell me your best event.
PRIDE.34. It was the last PRIDE event. I proud of myself to fight in their last event.
- Tell me about a fight you want to watch.
Aoki vs B.J. Penn. I want to fight him someday because he is the best in the world!
- Do you have anyone who you want to join in MMA?
Outsuki Haruaki. I want to see if his punches work in MMA or not.
Ryoko Tamura. She must be strong.
- Who do you want to fight now?
Any foreign fighters in the UFC. I want to measure my strength and I want to know myself.

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