Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mach talks about his fight

Mach Sakurai updated his blog.

I fought in DREAM yesterday. In the 1R, I was slow somehow and I couldn't move as I planned. I felt stiff and moved like a robot during my warm-up before the fight. Joe told me later that I should have taken longer for the warm-up. I'm glad I got back to normal in the 2R. My opponent, Hironaka, was a good fighter.

I fought top Japanese fighters in my weight class this year. I felt like I participated in a welterweight tournament for Japanese. I honestly don't like to fight Japanese fighters. I suppose our fans were not even interested in seeing me fight them. Tons of good fighters in my weight class are outside of Japan. There are many MMA events in the world now, and DREAM does not attract good welterweight fighters in other countries.

My fights was canceled several times since DREAM started. My preparations for announced fights were not often rewarded. It was hard for me to keep my motivation high for last several months. I don't deeply think about things in general. Even so, it was really tough to adjust my motivation and fighting spirits.

I felt jealous of other fighters who spoke up who they wanted to fight next. However, it seemed to me that match-ups they requested were nothing but boring. What they said was absolutely nonsense. Anyway, I want to thank all my fans for supporting me!

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