Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gomi wants to fight in SENGOKU.6.

SENGOKU had a press conference in Tokyo on Sep 16 and announced that their event was aired on TV Tokyo. After the conference, Takanori Gomi had an interview.

I don't like to have a long break between fights, for it takes longer to condition physically and mentally if I don't fight constantly. Since SENGOKU finally made a TV deal, I want to fight soon and show my performance to my fans. It's ideal if I can fight every 3 months. I want to participate in SENGOKU.6. in Nov, which has semi-final fights of the lightweight tournament so that our fans can compare my ability with others. Finalists are all grappler; therefore, I want to fight someone grappler next. It's too bad for a winner of the tournament, because he has to fight me next. I bet a winner would have hard time conditioning mentally. (There is a rumor that the UFC may have an event in Japan next year and Dana White wants Gomi fight) SENGOKU allows all fighters fight in other events. I wouldn't mind fighting in the UFC. I think fans are excited to see a fight of champions, Gomi vs B.J.Penn.


darkanonymity said...

OH, man -- this is the best news I've heard in months. Man, if Gomi gets a chance to fight in the UFC, I'll crap my pants.

Thanks a bunch Suki. Appreciate it.

Carl said...

Yeah, it will be the most exciting thing since Mach hit the UFC (oh, wait a minute...)