Friday, September 19, 2008

Mach Sakurai Interview

Hayato Mach Sakurai, who just came back from his training in the U.S., had a public training at Mach Dojo on Sep 19. He came back to Japan on Sep 17.
I stayed in the U.S. for 40 days and trained with Rich Franklin, Matt Brown, Jorge Gurgel and other UFC fighters at Matt Hume Gym and Pat Miletich Gym. What did I learn from training in the US? It's hard to explain, but you will see in my fight. I went to see "UFC 88" because Matt Brown participated in. At the event, I saw Chonan and Yoshida. Chonan asked me to be his second and I accepted. Oh, I saw Dana White and introduced myself. My opponent, Hironaka, is developing himself right now and also has experiences. I think he is a tough opponent. I haven't made any fight plan yet. I have trained with him before and I'm excited to him more than fighting an unknown foreign fighter. (Hironaka said Mach was his idol) I hope he won't punch my face then. I honestly don't like to fight Japanese fighters; however, I don't complain about what a promoter decided. I hope I fight not Japanese but fighters from other countries after winning this fight. I know him pretty well, and I should have a smart game plan. I have already started dieting. I'm having hard time losing weight because I built muscles in my recent training, or maybe because I'm getting old. I'm in good condition, for I escaped from Japan and stayed in Seattle this summer.


Stephen said...

Mach looks...different. Haha.

Vincent said...

Wow he looks incredibly fit, almost as if he has Matt Hughes' body. I hope he fights in the UFC.