Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aoki fights Todd Moore in DREAM.6.

DREAM had a press conference on September 16 and announced an additional fight, Shinya Aoki vs Todd Moore. Sasahara, an event producer of DREAM, and Shinya Aoki attended the conference.
I wanted to have another fight which people, who watch our event on TV, can enjoy. I offered Aoki a fight in DREAM.6. 2 weeks ago, and he accepted.
I fight in DREAM.6. I represent DREAM and I had no reason to turn down the offer. I haven't missed any events so far since DREAM started. My current goal is to participate in all events. It's my responsibility as a fighter to put my all no matter when I am offered. I haven't seen Moore's fight videos yet. It doesn't matter who I fight.
The most important thing is to keep my challenging spirit. I'm honored to fight in DREAM. If DREAM loves me, I definitely love DREAM back. I will do anything to help make MMA prosper.

Aoki's interview after the conference:
- Do you think you are stronger than before?
Yes. My experience in that tournament made me tougher. I have a confidence that I'm the one who put life into that tournament.
- You have not much time before the event.
When I debut 4 years ago, I was asking around to get an opportunity to fight. It's my pleasure being offered without asking.
- How much is your normal weight?
It's usually around 75-77kg. Training is a part of my hobby. I have nothing else I want to do except being with my teammates. My condition is pretty well.
- When is your next fight after DREAM.6? A NYE event? In general, the NYE event always have a big surprise such as fighters in a different weight class fight.
Do you want to see me face Badr Hari? Sounds dangerous. I may be killed; however, I'm sure I will win if we fight in MMA rules. I fight anybody. Aoki vs Akiyama? Well, I will even fight him. I have nothing to be afraid of.
- Do you think you can defeat Akiyama?
Honestly, I think so. I'm the one who is very serious about becoming a great fighter. I love Japanese MMA and I'm always very motivated to be better. On the other hand, he is not serious about fighting. You will easily see our differences...if we fight. I don't care weather he changes an attitude of mind as a fighter or not. I have a pride as a fighter. I like the way I live and fight.

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