Friday, September 19, 2008

Kuniyoshi Hironaka Interview

DREAM official website posted an interview of Kuniyoshi Hironaka, who faced Mach Sakurai, in DREAM.6. (This interview was taken place on Sep 11)
- You face Mach in DREAM.6. Tell me how you feel now.
I'm only 1 year younger than he is; however, he was a superstar when I started MMA. He was already a well-known middleweight fighter in Japan at that time. He was my idol and I wanted to be like him. I would like to get through this fight with a victory.
- Have you even imagined to face Mach in your second appearance in DREAM?
I have actually expected to fight him since I was the only Japanese fighter who could be even with him.
- Why do you respect him?
As you know, he is a great striker. He is aggressive and he combines all his techniques smoothly and effectively. He is an animal.
- What parts do you think you are better than him?
I excel in grappling and my takedown is better than his.
- Do you have any game plan?
I want to win no matter what he does. I try to submit and KO him for sure. I will focus on positioning. I want to get an advantageous position and dominate him. Our fight will have lots of moves and I'm sure everybody enjoy watching.
- If you win, you probably start to thinking about getting a belt?
For sure. I hope I can get an opportunity to challenge the belt, or I want to participate in the tournament if DREAM has the welterweight tournament.
- Any message at last?
This is the biggest chance in my life. I would like to defeat him by KO or submission. We definitely have an exciting fight and I hope my dream come true.

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