Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DREAM.6. additional fights

3 additional fights in DREAM.6 were announced. Mirko Crocop vs Alistair Overeem, Sergey Kharitonov vs Mighty Mo and Sik Dong Yoon vs Andrews Nakahara.

Mirko Crocop:
I'm glad to fight in DREAM.6.
Alistair Overeem:
I have been longing to fight Mirko for long time. I finally got an opportunity and I am very excited. I defeated Hyung Tae Lee and Mark Hunt. I want to keep winning and be the first heavyweight champion of DREAM. I'm ready to be a champion and make a new heavyweight era in DREAM, and so I hope all my fans support me.
Sergey Kharitonov:
I finally recovered from an injury. I cannot wait to perform in Japan again. I have no problem fighting K-1 fighter who is specialized in striking. I'm the one who wins. I'm not going to tell my game plan but I'm sure I defeat a guy who considers himself as a best heavyweight fighter.
Mighty Mo:
As you know, I have never lost in MMA rules before. I adjust myself in any rules. I just give my opponent a good beating.


Stephen said...

You left out Yoon Dong Sik vs. Andrews Nakahara!!! This is going to be SIIIIIIIICK!!!! Thank you Dreams!!! Thank you Suki!!! :)

Suki said...

Hi Stephen,

There is no comments of Yoon and Andrews unfortunately...