Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chonan is ready

Ryo Chonan updated his blog on Sep05.

I passed a weigh in without any problem. I'm too excited to sleep tonight and decided to update my blog.

I'm surprised to hear about Yoshida. His opponent, Karo Parisyan, backed out at last minute. Karo said he was in the best shape when I talked to him yesterday. I wonder what happened to him. Yoshida's mom came here to see his fight all way from Japan and he had a hard time dieting for this fight. I'm sorry for him. Charged with a role as the only fighter who represents Japan, I'm going to have a great performance tomorrow.

Jucao belongs to ATT Atlanta; even so, I think he wasn't cheered in the weight-in. We were much alike. I think I was cheered more than last time. I guess because my video on YouTube, created by triumphunited, helped me to get some attention? I'm fully ready for my fight.

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