Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Masanori Tonooka Interview

DREAM official website posted an interview of Masanori Tonooka, who faces Yoshihiro Akiyama in DREAM.6. (This interview was taken place on Sep 12)

- Before you debuted in HERO'S in Oct, 2007, you were a karate professional. Could you tell me why you started MMA?

I was an employee of Seido Kaikan for 5 years. I started to be interested in MMA when I saw my teammate, Taiei Kin, fight in HERO'S.
- How often do you train MMA?
I train whenever I have time....probably 6 times a week. I train with my teammates such as Kin and Tokunaga at Seido Kaikan Headquarter.
- What is your dream?
Fighting in DREAM is my dream for now. I want to be a fighter who has great influence on others. I want to be a champion and famous someday. I believe I will have a good result if I show everything I have.
- What do you think about Akiyama?
Impression about him..... I saw him on TV and his fight. He is not a type of person who I get along with. It seems to me that he does not respect others and he is not considerate. I don't mind what he did in the past. I just don't like his character.
- You are a Karate specialist and he is a Judo specialist. You both have a background of Budo (Japanese traditional martial arts)
What I see and learn in Budo are different with him obviously. He is an experienced fighter and has good records; even so, he seems to be an overconfidence. Overconfidence is our great enemy. He will be defeated by someone who is new to MMA like me soon.
- Why do you think Akiyama choose you?
He picked me because he though he could win easily.
- What do you think about his strength?
He is quick to pick up on things.
- What do you think better than him?
I'm a better striker. I want to fight in the standing position. I know he is also good at striking. I hope he doesn't hesitate to fight me in the standing position.

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