Sunday, September 21, 2008

DREAM.6. Press Conference

DREAM official had a press conference of DREAM.6. at Hotel East 21 on Sep 21. All participants showed up in this conference. In general, DREAM has this conference the day before the event. It seemed that fighters were on edge because they hadn't passed weigh-in yet.

Sasahara was regret to announce that Mighty Mo got injured during his training and canceled his fight. DREAM is now working on to find an opponent for Sergey Kharitonov. Right after Sasahara finished his speech, Mirko Crocop showed his interest to fight twice a day.

Mirko: "As a professional fighter, I'm willing to fight Kharitonov after fighting Allister. I'm sure Kharitonov doesn't want to go home without fighting. I'm happy to be his opponent."
Alistair: "I suppose our fight is your last fight as a professional MMA fighter, Mirko. "
Mirko: "I like fighting someone who has plenty of guts, and I admit Alistair is one of them; although, our fight won't be my last fight for sure."
Kharitonov: "I respect both Mirko and Alistair. I'm sure it's a big decision fighting twice a day. I am appreciative of Mirko, yet I would like to fight you in another time. "
Akiyama: "Let me say something. I'm not looking down on Tonooka, but I can also fight Kharitonov."
Sasahara: "I thank all fighters to show their enthusiasm about fighting in this event.
Sik Dong Yoon:

I'm very honored that our fight was nominated as a reserved match. I would like to have a great fight.

Andrews Nakahara:

I trained extremely hard for last several months. I would like to have a exciting fight with Yoon.

K-taro Nakamura:
I want to win this fight and be one of top fighters in the lightweight.
Adriano Martins:
I'm honored to get an opportunity to fight in DREAM. I suppose many people have never even heard of my name. I will show who I am in the ring.
Sergey Kharitonov:
I was recovering from injuries and couldn't fight in Japan for long time. Finally I could make my come back to Japan and I would like to keep fighting in DREAM.
Hideo Tokoro:
I do my best to finish. I want to win and keep fighting in DREAM.
Atsushi Yamamoto:
I belong to Krazy Bee. I do my best.

Masakatsu Funaki:
I would like to have an exciting fight.
I show everything I have.

Mach Sakurai:
I was going to fight in Osaka (DREAM.5.); however, my fight was canceled for my opponent's reason. I though I could finally fight him, but he again canceled. I appreciate Hironaka accepting an offer to fight me. Thank you for everyone who trained with me and supported me. I'm ready to fight.
Kuniyoshi Hironaka:
Finally I got a chance to fight him. I do my best.
Yoshihiro Akiyama:
I would like to have an enjoyable fight for our audience.
Masanori Tonooka:
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to fight in such a big event. I do all I can do.

Shinya Aoki:
I like Japanese MMA and DREAM. I show my passion in my fight.
Todd Moore:
One of my dreams came true. I'm very excited to fight here in Japan. This is a great opportunity in my life. I would like to have a great fight and show Japanese people a pride of Texas.
Mirko Croocop:
My opponent is one of the best fighters in this weight class. Everybody say the same, "I trained hard and do my best" That's for sure and needless to day. I prepare for this fight and I'm ready to fight. I want to enjoy my fight.
Alistair Overeem:
I cannot wait fighting Mirko. I'm 100% ready for my fight. I would have a wonderful fight. It will be the best day which I cannot forget forever.

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