Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DREAM.6: Post Fight Interviews (2)

DREAM official website posted interviews after DREAM.6.
Kuniyoshi Hironaka:
Mach was very strong. My punches landed and I did good in the standing position. I couldn't pass his guard.
Mach Sakurai:
I wish I had 10 more seconds, then I could KO him. (Hironaka regrets it that he couldn't pass your guards. ) I fight top fighters. I don't think it's easy for him to pass my guards. (Do you want to fight Phil Baroni?) I was going to fight him today. Unfortunately our fight was canceled; therefore, I fought a Japanese guy. I heard Metallica was my fan and I wear their t-shirt today.
Masanori Tonooka:
I couldn't respond to his ground techniques.

Yoshihiro Akiyama:

I thought I needed more experiences and training. (You said you wanted to fight Yoshida next ) I dreamed about participating in Olympic and getting a medal when I was a child. I'm interested in fighting him because he is a gold medalist and has guts. (Aoki wants to fight you) I appreciated his statement. I'm very happy to be respected by Aoki; however, I'm not interested in fighting him at all.
Todd Moore:
I did my best, but Aoki controlled the fight and he did what he had to do.
Shinya Aoki:
Both of us didn't have enough time to prepare for our fight. I'm glad I did good. (You want to fight Akiyama?) I wouldn't mind fighting him. I'm always here to fight anybody. (Akiyama said he was glad to know that you respected him) WAIT? Wow, he is such a positive thinker. I didn't mean that. I wonder who he think he is. I actually got nervous when he sat next me.... He was sweating a lot and I thought he was hyperhidrosis.

Alistair Overeem:
I was planning to be aggressive and throw hard punches from the beginning. It was easy to analyze patterns of Mirco's fighting style. I want to fight him again and defeat him clearly. First time, I admit that I hit his foul cup, but I hit the inside of his thigh in the second time. He couldn't get up because he was so tired.
Ronaldo Jacare:
I'm disappointed that I couldn't win this tournament. I did my best and I have no regret. I change my mind and do better next time. I was unlucky. I feel sorry for my fans. I train hard and do my best to be stronger.

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