Saturday, June 21, 2008

Zelg "Benkei" Galesik Interview with DREAM

DREAM official website posted an interview with Zelg " Benkei" Galesik on Jun 21. The interview was taken place on Jun 16.

- Congratulation! You move on to the final round. Tell me about your fight yesterday.
I'm not satisfied with the way I won. I'm happy about the fact I didn't get injured and won. I feel so sorry to my fans and Kin.
- After the fight, you offered him a rematch.
Yes, because I was disappointed about our fight, as you can tell by seeing my face right after that fight. We cannot change the result of the fight; therefore I'm going to concentrate on my next round. I want to fight him again, or I want to spar with him in his gym.
- What did you think about other fights you saw yesterday.
I saw Musashi as a tough and strong fighter. He controlled his fight yesterday. He is a young but all round fighter. He has a potential to be better.
- Any thought about a fight of Sakuraba and Manhoef?
I predicted that their fight would be evenly matched: Menhoef could win in the stand and Sakuraba could win on the ground. Sakuraba was defeated because he didn't take him down earlier. I think Japanese fans regret to see the result, however, I believe Manhoef is an appropriate fighter for the final round.
- You have 2 more fights to win the tournament.
I want a DREAM belt from the bottom of my heart, and so I train hard and get ready for the final round in September. I suppose other 3 fighters consider I'm the least competitive among finalists. They won't have an easy fight with me. I do my best, for I get a belt if I win 2 more times.
- Why do you think other fighters think like that?
For some reason. As you see my past fight results, I won't take longer than 3 min to defeat in most of my fights; thus, I haven't shown all my skills yet. I'm working on my submission skills and showed a triangle from the bottom position last time. I this it is an advantage that all I can do hasn't been turned out yet.
- Who do you want to fight next?
To be honest, I fight anybody. I have to fight 2 of them to be a champion and I'm fine even if I know my opponent on Sep 23.
- What do you do until Sep 23?
I take a week off and spend time with my son by taking him fishing. I'm sure our family won't be able to communicate well the next 3 months, because I have to train hard to achieve my dream, getting a belt. I will prepare for my next fight by making counter-plans for all fighters.
- Do you train with Mirko?
I don't think so. I want to spar with him if our schedule allows.
- Tell me your enthusiasm for the final round.
If I can only remember one thing before I die, I want to remember about September 23, 2008. I hope the final round will be a day which is unforgettable. I will be in the best condition for the final round.

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