Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gono is coming back soon.

I had appointments with my primary doctor, GRABAKA team doctor and a doctor who is well-know in K-1 and other MMA events. 2 of them gave me word that I can do any kind of training. I was told by my doctor that my current injury has to be fully taken care of. Otherwise, my career as a fighter will end. So, I was so prudent about the timing I start my training as a pro fighter. I even pay attention not to overdo basic trainings last couple of months. I came this far since I had an operation 4 months ago and finally got a permission to get back to normal routines. I'm going to adjust myself to professional trainings gradually. I will workout when I have no English classes in first 2 weeks. Then, after checking my bone and see another doctor, I will fully come back to training. I feel like I have a hope to come back to the ring before the end of this year.

I had another good thing today. I had a group lesson at my English class. I worked with two 19 years old chicks. I'm appreciate my teacher, john, for putting me in such a wonderful group. I had a great day.

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Stephen said...

Gono is the man!!! Bag those two chicks. Lol.