Sunday, June 8, 2008

SENGOKU 3: pre fight conference

SENGOKU had a press conference on Jun 7 in Saitama Super Arena.

Hidehiko Yoshida:
Some newspaper said I would have a fist fight tomorrow. I will not miss an opportunity to punch him. I want to have an exciting fight for our fans expect. I will fight him tomorrow with a feeling as the challenger. (Yoshida lost his endurance because of the weight of Gi in his last fight.) I wear Gi tomorrow. My Gi was arranged and reduced its weight.
Maurice Smith:
I prepared for tomorrow. I'm sure we will have a good fight. I 'm so excited to fight a Judo specialist. He said he would exchange punches. I think what he said is a part of his performance. I predict his game plane is to take me on the ground. I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.
Kazuyuki Fujita:
I fight a fighter who represents American heavy weight tomorrow. I feel like our fight is a 1R of the heavy weight tournament which will be hold sometimes soon. This won't be a tough fight. I will do my best as a challenger.
Travis Wiuff:
I'm glad to fight in Japan and in Sengoku. My opponent is a Japanese heavyweight legend, Fujita. I knew him quite a while and I'm happy to fight him tomorrow. I promise our fight will be very exciting.
Kazuo Misaki:
I and Logan will have a real amazing fight which is suitable for SENGOKU ring tomorrow. He is a big fighter. I cannot judge if he is good or not from his figure. I will find out when we both stand in the ring and face each other. I cannot wait to fight him tomorrow.
Logan Clark:
I had dreamed about fighting in Japan. Misaki is a very technical fighter and I am very excited.
Nick Thompson:
I'm happy to fight in Japan again. I do my best to achieve my continuous 13Th victory tomorrow. I hope to get a belt in SENGOKU in the future.
Michael Costa:
At first, I thank God. I had a dream to fight in Japan since I was a child. I could make this happen. I'm glad to fight among top fighters. I want to improve myself with other fighters. I will have a great fight to represent my team.
Sanae Kikuta:
It has been quite a while since my last fight.. My opponent has long reaches and has experienced to KO his opponent quite a lot. I have experience fighting a hard puncher like him before. I want to fight in my style and win tomorrow.
Chris Rice:
My opponent is very experienced fighter and I respect him. I will have an exciting fight tomorrow.
Bae Choi Mu:
I haven't been in Japan for a while. How are you? I'm very honored to fight in the same ring with great fighters such as Yoshida, Fujita and Maurice. I will do my best tomorrow and will have an great fight which my fans expect to see.
Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz:
I had a dream to fight as a fighter in Japan. I'm appreciative of SENGOKU to make my dream come true. Please enjoy my great fight.
Rodrigo Damm:
We will have a great fight tomorrow. I respect Gomi and want to fight him near my future.
Jorge Masvidal:
I thank God giving me an opportunity to fight. I cannot wait to fight tomorrow. I will continue to fight to get a chance to fight Gomi someday.
Kazuo Takahashi:
My opponent is a very aggressive fighter. I want to have an impressive and unforgettable fighter. My opponent looks very dangerous.
Fabio Silva:
I'll do my best tomorrow to create the best MMA event in SENGOKU.

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