Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gomi watched a wrestling tournament

Takanori Gomi showed up at a wrestling tournament in Yoyogi, Tokyo. He has a background of Wrestling and participates in a training camp sponsored by Kokushikan University every summer.

The Olympics is the world's No.1 event in sports. This place is filled with wrestlers' enthusiasm. Every match is very intense and exciting because they put everything they have to grab a chance to participate in the Olympic game. I'm not one of them, and so I relax and have fun watching. I really want to go and watch the Beijing Olympics; however, my next fight is coming soon and I cannot. Watching this tournament stimulates me to make greater efforts to improve myself. I want to fight someone who has already proved himself; otherwise, fighters who fight in the tournament won't be convinced to participate in the tournament "Road to Gomi" and fight me for a belt at the end. It's not even funny if I lose in my next fight.I gradually motivate myself higher and will be in the best condition.


darkanonymity said...

Wow. Gomi is so motivated. I'm totally psyched if he fights Chris Horodecki; I pray for Chris' safety in equal measure. War Gomi!!!

patiwat said...

So good to hear Gomi respecting the spirit of the Olympics!