Monday, June 16, 2008

DREAM had a post fight conference

On Jun 16, DREAM had a press conference at Hotel East 21 in Tokyo. Middleweight tournament finalists such as Ronaldo Jacare, Melvin Manhoef, Gegard Mousasi and Zelg BenkeiGalesik, and the lightweight tournament finalist, Shinya Aoki.

Middleweight finalists are very competitive and I don't know who wins this tournament. I'm disappointed to see all Japanese fighters lost. I assume they learned how hard it is to survive in MMA. I was amazed to see Aoki's submission. His performance was stunning and his behavior was the best as usual. I hope he becomes a leader of Japanese MMA. I was reported to that Sakuraba broke an ulna on his right arm in the fight. He is taking an examination of right arm as well as his old injury on his knee in a hospital. I heard he was dejected; nevertheless I think he wants to come back when he is cured.
I thank Sasahara for letting me stay in this hotel to attend to this conference. I want to get a belt on July 21. Uno is always in style and has the opposite personality.
Ronaldo Jacare:
An event we had last night was awesome. I felt our fans enjoyed a lot. I was very glad to fight in such an event.
Melvin Manhoef:
It was a wonderful event last night. Our fans responded very good and I had good fights. DREAM is developing, so we could have a great event. I hope DREAM will be better and better.
Gegard Mousasi:
DREAM is a great event. I dreamed about fighting and winning in this event. I will make every effort to be a big fighter.
Zelg Benkei Galesik:
We had a great event. An atmosphere in the arena was more than what I expected. I'm glad to remain in the tournament. I go home and plan for the final. I think our fights will be very intense.


hugo said...

sasahara: "[...] reported to that Sakuraba broke an ulna on his right arm in the fight"

when the hell did this happen?sakuraba didn't throw any punches.... did manhoef GnP his arm?

Michael said...

broke it blocking a high kick according to Manhoef

hugo said...

thanks michael. but he blocked with a left not right, no? unless sasahara just mixed the injured arms up.